Feng Shui your House & feel the difference in energy !

If you feel you need more

- consistency

- peace

- harmony

- money

- energy in the Areas of your life you need to be boosted

... if you are looking for love

... if you want to attract more abundance in your life

... if you want more peace in your relationships

... if you want more clarity in your head, more peace

then Feng Shui can help you !

It is an easy process in 3 steps :

STEP 1: in take

we listen to your needs and challenges, identify priorities

STEP 2 : analyse

we walk through the house /apartment and identify energetic clusters

STEP 3 : discuss & act

we discuss how far you are ready to update & lift the energy level. 

We operate with a Holistic approach,

adressing all levels of interactions at work : psychological, physiological, ecological, ergonomical, kinesthesic & olfactif.


All senses are taken into account in our work, as we believe that « As life itself is a total experience, we cannot dissociate our brainwork from our organic & sensorial experience at work. »


We help our clients ignite dedication & passion at work with natural & innovative methods : feng shui, aromatherapy, breathing exercises, mindfulness meditations, but also defining a corporate Mantra, that will help emprove internal communication as well as collaborative coherence.


feng shui corporate.jpg