Jade's Boudoir

Centre d'accompagnement et de soin holistique à Bruxelles.

Massage, rééquilibrage énergétique, Astrologie.

Cours de yoga-danse-méditation

Formation en Soins énergétiques

CONTACT : 0483/388.180


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I grew up in an Indian-German family. Have always been immersed in spirituality since my childhood. First hinduism, then the roots of tantric philosophy with our family Master Harish Johari.  Then I got in touch with Christianity, discovered the loving Jesus and Mary energy (at school) . Had my first exprience of the Kundalini energy at age 12 in Kolkata. Later I went to experiment the Nishiren Daishonin Buddhism that revealed the mantra "Nam myoho renge kyo" and changed my life.

















I wrote my Sociology thesis on "The Introduction of Meditation and Yoga techniques in schools" (Institute of Education, London, in 1995) and my MA thesis in Anthropolgy on "The Relevance of Yoga Centres in contemporary India : the case of Bhimolandaji Ashram in Allahabad." (E.H.E.S.S, Paris, 1996)

Aside from my work on the body, I developed a series of skills in personal development: Coaching, Psychoanalytic and Karmic Astrology , Bars (Access Consciousness), Reconnection (Eric Pearl), Aromatherapy (Pranarom) and Reiki I & II (which I studied in Varkala, in India).

I was trained into the basis of Hatha Yoga by Swami Bhimolanandaji (Allahabad, India), and then followed the teacher training for Kundalini Yoga at the RAMA Institute, NYC - and Yin Yoga (Arhant Yoga Ashram, The Netherlands). The yoga I give is an intuitive mix relatd to the energies in presence and the season. Usually a mix.

The dance class I give (Kundalini / Shakti Dance) is a fusion of yoga flow and postures with Indian dance mudras, oriental dance, tribal fusion dance, and therapeutic movements of Braingym that can reactivate all energies ( the chakras) of the body.

It is a class I am giving since a couple of years now, mainly aimed at Ladies and liberation of the womb and any blocages linked to the sacred feminine energy.

Mother of 3 grown up kids, twice married, I am passionate about the new models and structures of Society in terms of family, education, parenthood, couple life and love in general in the Piscean Age.