Sarbani Sen in an Indian-German family, immersed in Spirituality.

First: mainstream hinduism, ayurveda and tantric philosophy with the family Master Harish JohariShe had her first Kundalini experience at age 12, in Kolkata. Then, she was attracted to Christianity (in school). Later, she went to experiment the Buddhism of Nishiren Daishonin (SGI Int.), a Japanese cult.

She wrote her Sociology thesis on "The Introduction of Meditation and Yoga in schools" (Institute of Education, London, 1995) and her MA thesis in Anthropology on "The Relevance of a Yoga Centre in contemporary India, Allahabad." (E.H.E.S.S, Paris, 1996)

After leaving her first life as a Communication Consultant to the European Commission (DevCo), she studied Business & Life Coaching, Psychoanalytic and Karmic Astrology, Bars™ (Access Consciousness), Reconnection™ (Eric Pearl), Aromatherapy (Pranarôm) and Reiki I & II (Varkala, India).

She studied Hatha Yoga with Swami Bhimolanandaji (Allahabad, India, in 1996), then Kundalini Yoga (RaMa Institute, NYC, 2019) and Yin Yoga (Arhant Yoga Ashram, The Netherlands, 2019).

Her yoga is an intuitive blend of the sort, resonating with the energies in presence and the season.

She created and teaches Tantra Dance a fusion of various dance styles (oriental, tribal fusion, hip hop, african tribal, club trance, and therapeutic movements of Braingym). Her classes attract mainly ladies because of the liberating effect on any blocages linked to the sacred feminine energy.

She's an aquarian mother of 3 adolescents, passionate about the new models and structures of Society, in terms of family, education, parenthood, couple life and love in the Piscean Age.

She's an author and writes regularly in the Together Magazine, in the Well being and self development section.

Savitri (née Sarbani) est practicienne et chercheuse en médecine énergétique. Dans son approche, elle utilise douceur, humour et pédagogie, afin d’accompagner chacun dans son chemin d’évolution intérieur et corporel.

Savitri (born Sarbani) is a practitioner and researcher in energetic medicine. In her approach, she uses sweetness, humor and pedagogy, in order to accompany each in their path of interior and bodily evolution.

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