Which melody are you ?

We all have our inner song đŸŽ¶

We actually ARE a melody

A frequency

A melodic vibration

when we get back to that consciousness, automatically we put our awareness on our breath, we observe the ebb and flow of prana (vital cosmic energy, our fuel) in our cells.

Exercise : Try to let the vibration fill your whole body as you close your lips and start humming. yes that’s it, let your inner tune fill you, let it become the only thing your body wants to experience inside. How do you feel ? Is it circulating harmoniously in your organs, your heart, your brain, is it washing out your sorrows and your painful thoughts ? Yes that’s when it all flows ... when you become 100% part of the system again, your melody is alive and you are reconnected.

And what is the quality of your melody today ? sweet and mellow ? Or high pitched and angelic ? Deep and powerful ? painful and unstable ?

If you’re struggling with this exercise, just come back to a gentle meditation posture. Relax. Don’t worry. It’s so normal for most of us today not to be used to hum anymore. Just come back to the sound of “OM or AUM“, and let it fill your body like soft bubbles of divine love, of cosmic energy (that’s what its all about, reconnecting us with our eco system, the cosmos).

But maybe our struggle is deeper and this is a challenge we need to overcome to find inner stability and peace. In that case we maybe need to readjust something.

I find dance and energetic healing very helpful in those cases, when we want our inner melody to flow again. it helps

đŸ’« Unstuck the clusters

đŸ’« Liberate the vibration

đŸ’« Expand to the fullest of our divine being

Remember We are all walking creations of an amazing God



However we call him

I call him “My Lord” as in Hindu tradition. in the books I used to read as a child, on great ascùtes from India (#amarchittrakatha - they would always have a private conversation with God. I integrated that habit).

I am in awe for Creation and for the creator. I have never seen so much beauty perfection and magic in one place ... from all the cosmic lives I’ve lived, planet Earth is what I would imagine of paradise.. And only a very sophisticated creator could even imagine to create this immensity of possibles. Of course my eyes are tinted by admiration for his creation so I can experience it. “We see what we believe“ remember ? This is even explained in Quantum Physics. Please watch “the black whole” from Nassim Haramein if you havent seen it before.

Likewise when we are in low energy we lose this connection to beauty. Or the other way around : when we lose the connection, we are in low energy ! We feel cold and empty, we feel alone, and loneliness takes over in our heart. We feel disconnected from our community.

That’s why it’s so important :

đŸ‘‰đŸŒ to be aware of our connection (quality of our thoughts are a good indicator, or level of joy)

đŸ‘‰đŸŒ to observe our energy level

đŸ‘‰đŸŒ to hum regularly

đŸ‘‰đŸŒ to move our bodies in soft and harmonious ways

đŸ‘‰đŸŒto dance regularly

đŸ‘‰đŸŒ retreat, rest & drink water

đŸ‘‰đŸŒ go to nature and breath in deep

If you want to join the group of « riding awareness » whatsapp me : +32.483.388.180

here's a link to the dance classes ...

here's a link to energetic healing ...

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