🌙 Summer Solstice + eclipse + new moon 🌙

Very special conjunction again this Sunday as we go through the second eclipse of the series this year. We are being asked to fasten our seat belts and sit in tight. it’s going to be wacky again and some of us might slide into totally “freaking out“. But this is just another trick from our friend the Coyote (shamanic tradition) testing our state of spiritual advancement : Did we Integrate the last lessons ? Where are we at today ? where is the spot light on ?


Going inwards has been the sole obligation for this period. Who am I today ? What is making me nervous ? What is taking me out of my cool ? Where am I failing ? What/where do I want to upgrade in my life ?

Some heavy questions...

Am I happy with who I am today considering all the social & collective shifts ? what can I do about it ? what are my tools ? wether we ignore them or thoroughly experience them in our vortex we’ll have to face them at some point. So why not take this holiday season to prepare a new way for the fall ?


Energetic healing session, yoga, meditation or mindfulness.

Any skills that will take us closer to our inner self and show us where we can adjust to grow, expand and gain awareness on who we are and what our mission is on this planet.

Tarot card reading is quite eye opening too. Depending on the deck you use it can tell you a new story and open totally new perspectives on your life. Interesting point of view.

Maybe try working on you environment, clear the house, and make space for the new.

Feng shui does miracles in that sense. Within 3-4 hours we usually cover a 120m2 space and de-cluster what needs to be, allowing energy to flow naturally through your space and bring abundance into your lives again. I’ve decided to offer that in my services too.

If you feel some of these techniques are calling you, take a step and book a session. At worst, you’ll learn something cool and new - and at worst it will change your life ! It has done miracles for so many of you so far.

  • change jobs

  • help take a difficult decision

  • leave a toxic relationship

  • meet a new life partner

  • change houses

  • develop a new trade

  • increase business income

  • etc

More on that here : www.jadesboudoir.online

new moon intentions 🌙 40 DAYS CHALLENGE

This Sunday 21/6, is a planetary portal where a sun eclipse will match the new moon as well as the summer solstice. For many reasons (astrological & biodynamic), it is a good time to "release the old", make space for the new and get closer to a higher level of vibration.

How do we do that ?

1) Take a sheet of paper and start writing intentions for the next 6 months. New moon we draft, and 6 months later (at the corresponding Full moon) we collect the fruits of our deeds/thoughts/magnetic field activation.

2) By activating mind + body system in ways that we never moved. This gets us into a new awakening. We create new neural patterns (like when you’re learning)

We coordinate the whole mind + body system = energy + direction + frequency of attention are at the speed of sound, going in a direction that is powerful - focusing on our strength.

When we do this regularly (ROUTINE) we can literally feel the system is creating new patterns

We create more neural pattern and we find that we are capable of handling more !

We find a new level of energy, of joy, doing stuff we usually don’t enjoy

this technology allows QUANTUM SHIFT = powerful moments of transformation

This Sunday, we'll learn a new routine to work on "releasing unwanted habits & addictions"

40 days is the usual time we need to change a habit or integrate a new one.

Wether it is a conscious or not.

It will consist of an 11 min Mantra + 30 min Krya (set of exercices)

You have the choice to do one (the mantra) or both.

For more info, send me a message to be included in the closed group of practicioners.

You can join anytime along the road ! just make sure you get to the end.

KEEP UP, and you shall be KEPT UP !

This is a support group, to keep you going when the road gets darker and you're not sure where to go.



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