Looking fear into the eye !

With a couple of COLLECTIVE planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto) retrograde in May & June 2020, and 2 PERSONAL planets in particular positions (Venus retrograde and Mars in Pisces), the Taurus (and Gemini!) season will be intense!

Many of us fear the famous retrograde periods.

Just by hearing the name, we imagine that your relationship will end or that we’ll lose our job. But the term "retrograde" is not that negative. When a planet undergoes a retrograde movement, it simply means that its energy is turned inward rather than outward. It encourages introspection, reflection and new beginnings. (When a planet is retrograde, it does not mean that it functions less efficiently, but that it functions in a way that we are not accustomed).

“As a retrograde planet also retraces its steps through the zodiac wheel and reconnects with the steps it has already crossed, this tends to bring up problems from the past.”

However, not all retrograde cycles are felt as intensely. You tend to feel the retrograde effects of the inner planets (Mercury, Venus and Mars) more deeply than the outer planets (Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, etc.). Indeed, the inner planets affect our daily life while the outer planets affect our life in the long term.

Here are the COLLECTIVE retrogrades that will take place during May & June.

1) Retrograde Pluto: April 25 to October 4

Pluto is the planet of transformation, it encourages creation & destruction, ends & beginnings. It focuses on the dark side of life, where power is born. With the energy of Pluto turned inward, you are called to connect with your dark side and accept yourself as you are. This retrograde cycle begins a slow and patient process of internal transformation. This helps you analyze your injuries and recognize how much more resilient you have become from them.

Pluto is in Capricorn, a very intellectual & rational planet, so it stimulates us to rethink the path to realization, and question the use we give to our personal power. It also refers to excessive ambition; the obsession with power; the illusion of control; and the (symbolic) death of the ancient concept of success and destructive beliefs.

2) Retrograde Saturn: May 11 to September 29

Saturn is rules by Chronos, the God of Time, so it is said it rules the elements of time for an individual to build. It may as well refer to studies, agriculture, construction, projects, delays, learning time, but also limitations and burdens. This is a favorable moment to consolidate the bases of our life and readjust our social function. It encourages us to live moments of solitude. “ withdraw to better understand others and come back even more solid.” When September 29 Saturn becomes direct again, we will feel a more concrete turn in our actions. During this time let’s not try to go faster than the music. To avoid slack, let’s take the time to focus on the basics. This is not a good time to start a construction project.

3) Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, of social life, of higher studies and travels. This position reminds us to explore what our goals (personal and professional) are in the long term, and the obstacles that overlap them, from our point of view; the path to personal fulfillment; the preparation to assume key positions or positions of high responsibility; the academic plans; and international expansion.

4) NEPTUNE RETROGRADE (end june 2020)

Neptune, is the planet of the depths, ruler of Pisces. It imposes the need for introspection (to reflect, not to flee from the present); it also offers a space to connect with inspiration, a higher vision of being, divine love and spirituality. This transit refers to illusions, deceptions, and a high susceptibility to substances such as alcohol, or the adverse effects of medications. Retrograde Neptune in Pisces refers to evasion or disconnection from reality; and warns about the dangers of escapism, or being a victim of manipulative people, that encourage the sacrifice of third parties for their own benefit.

Neptune_Lord of Pisces


1) Venus retrograde :

With Venus running backwards in the sign of Gemini (a position of exhaltation), it pushes us to go inwards and reflect on the way we love, how are we as a lover, who are we when we love ? also what is the object of our desire ? what do we love ? this is a good time to assess, and maybe redirect our likings. AS the world and society is changing the short sighted Venus may also take a smack and change its likings. Going from something superficial to something deeper or more eco conscious living ? or more solidarity ? more allowance less judgment ? we’ll be struck by consciousness blitz seeing our own patterns unfold before our eyes as we behave as usual but will probably need to readjust and adapt to new circumstances.

The people that come into our lives today in this scenario are people that are here to teach us something, or show us a lesson. Helping us learn more on the essence of our Souls.

2) MARS in Pisces

Now mars, the cosmic indicator of our motivation, the orientation of our actions, our energy type, the reason we wake up in the morning. This very masculine energy in the sign of Pisces, a watery, slow, laid back sign, that is in touch with cosmic energies and in tune with galactic bandwidths that can make us kind of gloomy or dreamy at the least. So energy levels of action might be a bit slower this month (until end june!) and lack clarity. Again not a good time to start new things. But maybe a good period to tap into the cosmic web and capture subtil information regarding the actions to be taken – and verify them later. End of June, Mars (our way we enter into action will be in Aries ! FIRE !) so a good time to prepare and then in June to enter into action, once Venus will be out of retrograde again too.

Here below is the map of end of june

You can see that the slower planets are still in the same position (and will be so until end of the year or fall for most of them) but the faster planets changed house or sign. Mars is in Aries (fire, action, innovation), Sun & Mercury in Cancer (gloominess, but also arts and caring) - and then Mercury retrograde.... but we'll talk about that later.


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