Corona, the Crown and the New Age

These are amazing times ! we've all been shut down at home! who would have imagined that such a thing was even possible ? lock us all in our houses ? make us stop working (for most of us) and keep us busy never the less, reading, learning, and upgrading our lives ?

Upgrade ?

yes this may not seem like it - for some of us its more of a nuisance and loss of precious time doing whatever we were doing, but actually deep down, we know, that this is not just an awkward situation. This is THE time of our lives ! Most of us get their salaries as usual, are sitting in comfortable houses, and playing on our smartphones or tablets with all the new apps that suddenly emerged finding super utility in confinement (talking about Houseparty). But yes, cosmically and spiritually this is a major upgrade. Very precious information is being downloaded (maybe you felt slight headaches recently ? for no reason, a persistant buzzing ?) well thats what we feel when we're being re-informed. Ok it sounds kind of esoteric, and you might be switching to something else by now, but I'm sure you're more aware and conscious than that and have even felt the Heart Chakra openings, and the expansion of love capacity recently ? the capacity to feel more deeply, to be more silent, more resilient, less self centred, less chatty ?

New Age

So what are we being prepared for ? Well intuitively (because I did not speak to any #Archangel, #Alien or Divinity so far), and its been the talk in esoteric communities for a while now, I feel we are rerouting our world, society and even humanity, into something more sustainable for us all, including the planet we're on thats been suffering more than necessary since industrial ages. We're finally arriving at a quantum leap of a more holistic vision ! Sociologically, we observed the crowds were very unhappy recently. #Greta helped a lot, and before her, loads of people went down in the streets to show their discontent, in France, US and all of Europe. Hong Kong was suffering great social disaster, and many other places were begging for change. Even kids and Adolescents started to show concern and anger when they were told what the world was really like today (food wise, climate wise, human, women and children rights wise etc). Well we have been heard. It had been about time that so many people got out on the streets and actually speak up for themselves and for community at large. Did you realise that we became more of a community than before ? that terrible things such as #tonporc or #metoo occured not so long ago ? This had all been foreseen. We call it the Age of Aquarius.

Dimensional shifts

So we are shifting from Pisces - dark ages of domination, of power games, of lies, of business above everything, of hidden information, of retention of information etc to the Age of Aquarius, the age where communication is key to change. Information is spread, precious information that was exclusively for the initiated once, is free of access for all. People collaborate, old domination patterns are being ironed out, and the collective strives. How many of you have joined a new tribe ? reflected on the real needs of society at large ?

If we look at it from the coaching perspective, we see that the dynamic spiral talks about this shift too (2010 !)

The conceptualisation is that it is our Values System which is reacting to the life conditions and is emerging and cyclical as we experience the dissonance of being unable to solve increasingly complex issues with ways of thinking that are no longer adequate and are demonstrably in need of upgrading. (Ian Mc Donald)

To put it in other words, we are now facing the fact that we are not just individuals that were given birth and then life to play and enjoy all that it could give. We are an ecosystem, whose parts all need to be observed and listened to. From the Microcosm of our bodies (going inwards, learning about this walking high level technology, nutrition laws, yoga & breathing techniques, vibrational healing etc ) to the macrocosm, societies, consumerism, ecology, the planet at large. Soon we'll maybe even acknowledge the power of the other planets (which seems so obvious considering their weight and magnetic power) but thats going to be the talk in another article on Astrology and Astronomy, the new components of Ecology.

Thank you to our fellow Centre in the uk for publishing the book on Spiral dynamics :

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