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I just had a talk with a teleworking mom (dealing with an issue with my energy invoice) and she was ashamed of her kid singing around her. I feel we've been shamed for too long because of parenting.

Personally, I find it a beautiful step ahead if we don’t have to choose between being a parent and work. I feel both make us grow. Of course this change in paradigm will take some time, it will challenge us to organise ourselves. and it's not going to be all easy. But we are such a resilient species. We can go in shifts, ask for help, organise our houses differently, there are many ways and more will come up soon I'm sure. (I'm a mother of 3 - previously 5 - and I know what I'm talking about)

Parenting has been shamed in the work world for a long time because managers taught we under achieve when we're at home or having a baby or a child, or even during pregnancy. I think that was wrong. So much power and insight when we're pregnant! (but that's another issue we'll handle later)

"We perform best when we’re in our natural habitat doing what we can best and being - in the flow"

It’s time we came back to trusting our #employees our #coworkers our #associates - our students.

Most of all : come back to trusting ourselves, that we are capable to handle all this, we are much more resilient and powerful than we think (or we are showed) we are. think about it. Since childhood we've been mocked and shouted at in schools and homes because of other peoples values and fears. Now is the time to recover our POWER.

Meditation, mindfulness and Yoga bring us back to that inner space where we can #breath to the full potential of who we are. #Expand, #reconnect to our creative source.

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get on the mat with a (big) problem. Start doing your asana, your krya (if you're a Kundalini student) your meditation or sing your mantra. Try concentrating on the problem. Try harder ! focus on it and make it become really big ! .... breath in, breath out, do your thing.

Now see what happens.

How many times do you feel it dissolves into thin air ? the weight of it, the cluster, the 3D lightens, becomes feather weight and disappears... Or even better : how many times does the solution pop up in the middle of it ? this is normal. When you breath deep, you relax your body, your brain waves cool down, and become slower, you become open again to Prana (the cosmic energy) or call it "your intelligence". Everything aligns, and you have access to your intuition, your higher self, and your guides (if you believe in them). So it's seems like magic, but it's neurological, metabolical, physiological. it's science, only we forget about it. When we are in stress, we breath short, we focus on our problem and become very dense. Strat by drinking a glass of water and breathing in deep.....

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