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Kundalini Yoga is a High Technology technique that aims at the Body Mind Optimisation through specific routines (called Krya), songs (Mantras), Breathing exercises (Breath of fire, long breath etc), Bandhas (physical locks that activate certain principles in the body) 

Sarbani is trained in HATHA YOGA, YIN YOGA, KUNDALINI YOGA and MEDITATION. Its sessions are ideal for beginners or people already followers of yoga. It offers a fluid, light style, taking into account the specific needs of each person.

Sarbani est formée en HATHA YOGA, YIN YOGA, KUNDALINI YOGA et MEDITATION. Ses séances sont idéales pour les débutants ou les personnes déjà adeptes de yoga. Elle propose un style fluide, léger, en tenant compte des besoins spécifiques de chaque personne.

Kundalini YOGA

Group 1: Sundays/Dimanche 

11h -12h15

5/4 - 12/4 - 19/4 - 26/4 = 60€

pay here (+ name + group)

Group 2 : Tuesdays/Mardi

11h - 12h15

7/4 - 14/4 - 21/4 - 28/4 = 60€

pay here (+ name + group)

! This is a closed group  for 4 weeks. 

Places are limited to 12 students to achieve quality teaching. Please select the group that suits you best & attend dates of your group 

! Private yoga lessons are possible

email to for appointment