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Distance Healing

Distance healing is a focus of intention, to heal, or be healed that creates a lot of healing vibrations.

This focus of intention, becomes a white light of pure healing energy, and is sent, mentally or out loud, across the room, or across the world, to whoever needs it-whether a person, plant or animal. Even situations, and the past, can also be sent healing energy-not to mention you can heal the future self as well. 


The process is quite simple and just needs belief to work. You visualise who or what or where needs this loving healing energy, and imagine this arriving instantly, calming and healing the situation. This is something that you would focus upon.


To receive a distance healing, all you need to do is to become comfortable with the idea of receiving distance healing. It is the willingness to receive. 


One can use healing energy, for a specific area in the body or for a specific ailment, or just for an aura cleanse, it is up to the individual needs. There is energy everywhere, and healing energy especially, is something that is available to every soul, but not often used. This is not some miracle work it is quantum proved. We are all related and receiving energy all day long.